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Gov. Dalrymple orders 10 percent cuts in state agencies’ budget proposals

Letter: Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment good for children

Bismarck,North Dakota 58602
Bismarck North Dakota 1815 1st Street West 58602

As a photographer, I have traveled around the state taking pictures of the most beautiful areas of North Dakota, especially the Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I can’t help but notice the changes that have been happening to our precious natural areas the last few years.

North Dakotans now have a chance to make a difference in what kind of state we pass on to the next generation by supporting the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment. This measure will help us maintain our clean water, world-class outdoor recreation and our wildlife habitat to give our children and grandchildren the same kind of state we enjoyed.

As a retired teacher, I’ve spent my career with young people. I know they need time to be outdoors and recreate if they are to be productive in the classroom.

I’m a math teacher. I needed their full attention to help them understand tough concepts. Kids need parks and recreation areas to be able to learn. The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks will also allow local parks boards and the state to provide more parks and outdoor recreation areas to keep our children healthy and strong.

I love this state, and I am sad to see the changes. Let’s take this opportunity to provide landowners incentives that will protect our drinking water, our lakes and streams, and our wildlife habitat. Support the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment.

David Nix,