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Letter: DPS giving wrong impression with letter

Well! Well! Well! They want to give us the shaft and make us feel good while they are giving it to us. It makes one hopping mad.

I'm referring to a letter sent out to all taxpayers in the Dickinson School District. The letter is very confusing. They are saying the actual mills will drop by 45.5 mills and the district will receive approximately $400,000 less in property taxes because of property tax relief.

They fail to mention that the 2013 Legislature bought down the mill levies of every school district in the state. Instead they give the impression that they are losing big money and that the mill levy must be raised.

The Legislature's idea of property tax reform appears to be buying down the district property tax levy so that the district can raise it back up again. This gives them a healthy shot in the arm without raising taxes. Don't forget about the valuation increases being implemented also. Valuations get increased and they sit back and say "we didn't raise taxes." This lie has been going on for years and has been shafting the people big time.

Similar activity has been going on all across North Dakota. Where the state bought down the school mill levy, the counties and other taxing entities raise their levies to make up for that deduction. The end result is no property tax reduction.

Isn't local control a wonderful thing? No wonder the "Keep It Local Group" was so vehement about local control. Local control has been raping us for years and will continue to do so unless we the people put a stop to it. They have no intention of reducing our taxes.

Everyone must go to the hearing on Aug. 12, speak up and say, "No" to the 21.5 percent increase in our school tax mill levy. We have the right and responsibility to do so. Contrary to popular belief, we the people are still the government and those we elect to the school board, county commission, Legislature, etc., are supposed to represent us. If we don't speak up, they will continue to trample us into the dirt.

All of this is proof that property taxes need to be abolished. They are corrupt, unworkable and cannot be reformed. If this kind of abuse keeps up and it will, people will abolish them. Believe it!

Ralph Muecke,