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Letter to the Editor: Natural, divine law should influence civil law

Civil law should reflect divine law and natural law in implementation. According to the Bible, God' s law is naturally written on our hearts (Rom. 2:12-16).

We know that moderation in drinking and eating are important values. We know of the sins of overdoing these functions through gluttony and drunkenness. We have natural side effects from "taking in" too much substance into our stomachs. We can experience indigestion and hang-overs. Also, we might feel bad about ourselves -- and experience a sense of guilt by not adhering to natural law and its consequences.

Likewise, there are many, many documented cases of women who abort and the devastating consequences they experience internally. Why? Because they have violated what has become a sacred trust within their womb. The creative process has begun -- and a child has been conceived. The created being belongs first to God -- because He is the creator -- and secondly, to the child's parents who are co-creators and need to accept that responsibility. By "taking the child out" of the womb, one is destroying God's property -- the personhood He established eons before the actual spark of life in the womb (Jer. 1:5; Ps. 139:13; Isa. 49:1).

If we claim to have the motto as a nation -- "In God We Trust," we had better start acting like it and rescind any unjust civil laws that don't submit or adhere to divine law and natural law. Otherwise, we incur unpleasant consequences and will feel the pangs of a guilty conscience. When do we feel shame and the guilt of wrongdoing? Mostly after the fact of an erroneous thought, word or deed. And that is why many women who abort suffer guilt and remorse. Thankfully, we have a forgiving God for our repentant selves (Psalm 51).

Civil laws need a valid and just basis -- not flimsy sacrilegious assertions and unfounded freedom.

"The eagle was once nothing but an egg, but what would we know about the nature, the meaning, the possibilities of that egg had we never seen the eagle soaring in splendor against the sky?" (anonymous quote)

Craig Kappel,