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Letter to the Editor: Republicans think with their wallets in mind

Republicans love to say "Democrats know how to tax and spend," as if it were a crime.

Of course we tax and spend, but it is public service to do so, not a crime. Democrats tax and spend monies on our roads, schools, public safety (police and fire) and social programs to protect those in society that need the help (the old and the young).

What I think is criminal is to "tax and hoard," as North Dakota Republicans have been doing for too many legislative sessions. Not from evil intent, but from ignorance, arrogance, lack of compassion and a clueless approach to what people of this state really need.

Just look at the Republican approach to property tax relief.

They dumped $450 million into it for 2008. In four years the benefit evaporated due to higher property values needed for road repair, new schools and other infrastructure.

This year they want to dump another $500 million into this sinkhole of a public funding process.

Hey guys!

Just build the roads with tax money in the first place!

Just build new schools directly with tax money, instead of playing a shell game with local property owners!

And give some real money to cities and counties from the enormous new revenues in state coffers. Local folks know what they need better than Bismarck does.

Better yet, just steal Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ryan Taylor's tax plan and you will have a common sense plan for North Dakota's infrastructure future.

It won't happen. Republican legislators only think with their wallets in mind, not ours.

It would be best if North Dakota voters solved their infrastructure headaches by taking a refreshing and energizing "D" pill when they head for the polls in November, rather than the outdated and worn out "R" one.

Charlie Barber,