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Letter: Saving the taxpayer or vendetta against the poor?

I am appealing my food stamp reduction from $200 to $125. I did not receive notice of this unjust reduction. I had the unfortunate experience of discovering this when I bought groceries.

I wonder how this can be possible, considering that I had emergency heart problems earlier this year. I was hospitalized for six days. I must now take a plethora of medications. I had additional visits to the doctor, which amounts to $20 a trip into Devils Lake. I was put on a blood thinner, which had to be monitored by blood draws, another weekly trip to Devils Lake.

I am on a very limited Social Security benefit. I am also disabled and unable to work. I answered eight detailed pages of questions about my income, with 12 pages of proof of expenses. At the same time, the state allows the oil corporations to regulate their pollution of the soil and the water tables. Summarily reducing a person's food stamps of a few dollars while allowing oil corps to self-regulate billions of dollars is either a planned vendetta against the poor, or it is gross incompetence.

The state, whose coffers are overflowing with oil tax dollars, is reducing staff to service agencies like Social Services, telling people that this is a savings for the taxpayer.

The food stamps given to people would actually help stimulate the economy, instead of destroying the economy. Diabetics need fresh vegetables, which are expensive. How can depriving poor people possibly be in the interest of saving taxpayer dollars?

A state like North Dakota, needs to pick up the tab for its citizens by seeing to it that its citizens have enough food. Just think about it. Last year, the legislators returned $150 million dollars to the oil corporations! And Gov. Dalrymple congratulated the legislators for making that smart move of throwing away $150 million tax dollars to some Texan oil barons. At the same time, he has slashed all the service agencies so that they barely function and has the nerve to tell the public how he has been saving the taxpayers' money, instead of beefing up the service agencies like Social Services.

I demand a full explanation as to why my food stamps have been arbitrarily reduced from $200 to $125, when my income is below $1,000; and when my medical expenses have increased. I should be getting $200.

Janis Schmidt, Warwick