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Letter: Sheriff Tuhy is not a monster

I am writing in regards to all the negative articles about Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy. I am a former employee of the LEC and I got along with everyone there, including the sheriff. I never had a problem with him! He always greeted people with a "good morning" and made it a point to see how your day was going.

I encountered a few situations where the sheriff showed true concerns of employee's safety and well-being. He also offered a lending hand to help make my work easier while I was in the sheriff's office. I never encountered a hostile moment with the Sheriff. At times he was definitely down to business and more serious when there were concerns in our community, but he was never mean or made me feel uncomfortable in his presence.

He is highly professional in his job, but is very down to Earth and he works with people to achieve the best outcome for all. Does this sound like the monster that some have portrayed him to be?

With the House of Manna situation, it is my understanding that he had discussed taking items from there with some staff beforehand. However, since all the staff wasn't aware of it, it resulted in an unfortunate misunderstanding.

As far as being a threat to the community, I sincerely disagree that Sheriff Tuhy would ever jeopardize the people's welfare. In his career in law enforcement of about 40 years, he has worked with and assisted many people in his professional capacity, and also volunteered with different agencies with a positive outcome.

As I asked earlier, does this sound like the monster some have portrayed him to be? I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sheriff Tuhy for all his hard work and dedication he has given to our community!

Renee Benesh, Dickinson