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Letter: Taylor ready, able to be agriculture commissioner

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opinion Dickinson,North Dakota 58602
The Dickinson Press
Letter: Taylor ready, able to be agriculture commissioner
Dickinson North Dakota 1815 1st Street West 58602

North Dakotans pride ourselves on a commitment to transparency. We also expect our elected officials to commit to it as well. And with that, we demand they show the kind of leadership that we deserve. Ryan Taylor, former state senator and candidate for agriculture commissioner, has a record displaying just that kind of leadership.

I was disappointed to learn that our current agriculture commissioner seems to disagree with my expectations of transparency and leadership. Officials at all levels of government in North Dakota make minutes available from their meetings. The state Industrial Commission, a powerful entity upon which the agriculture commissioner sits, has not made their minutes available in years. What are they keeping from us?

Agriculture remains our state’s number one industry. The person responsible for operation of the Department of Agriculture, in addition to a familiarity of the issues, should be a leader that can properly manage the office and have a commitment to transparency. The current occupant has failed to meet these standards. Fortunately, Ryan Taylor is ready and able to do just that.

Sarah Coen-Tuff,

Grand Forks