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Majettes win West: Minot wins West Region title, Dickinson’s Fossum wins all-around

Press Photo by Royal McGregor From left to right, Minot gymnasts Madison Reiter, Hannah Werchau, Savannah Fix and Hailey Fix react after winning the West Region championship on Friday at DHS gymnasium. The Majettes finished with a team score of 147.175, while Dickinson took runner-up with 146.525.

Balance beam is never the easiest event to start on in gymnastics.

The Minot gymnastics team didn’t mind, scoring a meet-high 36.300 on the event.

The Majettes used the wave of momentum on beam to win a West Region championship on Friday at DHS gymnasium.

“The girls rose to the challenge and we had a lot of girls hit a lot of routines in a row, which keeps taking the pressure of our later girls,” Minot co-head coach Marissa Albertson said. “That started the meet off in a huge way.”

Minot finished with a team score of 147.175, while Dickinson placed runner-up with a score 146.525. Over the past decade, either Dickinson or Minot has won the West Region title.

The Majettes co-head coach Robbie Werchau said the team enjoys the competition with Dickinson.

“There is a friendly rivalry and they go at it pretty hard,” she said. “It makes for better gymnastics for North Dakota in a long run.”

Dickinson finished with three gymnasts — including the winner — in the top five, while Minot had two.

The Midgets’ sophomore Acacia Fossum — the three-time defending all-around champion — won her second West Region all-around title after scoring 37.925, which edged Minot junior Madison Reiter (37.900).

“Facing Minot, we get nervous,” said Fossum, who also won the uneven bars title with a 9.700 and placed runner-up on beam 9.400. “We just get those jitters. (Friday) was a nice way to get out jitters out and calm ourselves down. (Madison) is a really tough competitor.”

Reiter won the floor exercise title with a 9.725 and finished in runner-up in two events — vault and uneven bars.

The Minot junior said the team had a little bit of a tough start to the season as multiple gymnasts dealt with various injuries. However, everyone is back and competing at a high level.

“We were practicing very hard, because we had a lot of injuries,” she said. “We’ve been kicking up our practices a lot and we have more depth now. We realize now that we have more girls to score.”

Dickinson sophomore Keana Kudrna won a West Region title on vault after finishing with a score of 9.625. Kudrna ended fourth in the all-around (36.625). Minot sophomore Hannah Werchau won the beam 9.450 and took third in the all-around (37.425).

The Midgets’ senior Mikaela Kessel rounded out the top five all-around with a 36.425. Kessel placed runner-up on floor (9.600).

Curt Sherbrooke — the head coach of Bismarck High and Bismarck Century — was named co-head coach of the year with Robbie Werchau and Albertson. Sherbrooke’s senior gymnast Jessica Gabriel of Century was named senior athlete of the year. Gabriel finished sixth in the all-around (36.200).

“When we practice, we are one big team,” said Sherbrooke, who received a standing ovation from the crowd at DHS gymnasium after it was announced he was retiring at the end of the season. Sherbrooke has been the head coach in Bismarck for the past 32 seasons. “I don’t even think about who competes for what team.

“Both Kaylee Keller (of Bismarck High) and Jessica were both finalists and they are both very special kids, because they’ve been with me since they’ve been in gymnastics. To have both of them up there was pretty special.”

The Midgets have one final meet remaining in the season. Dickinson head coach Kent Van Ells said there were areas the team could have done better on and will get one more chance to improve by traveling to the two-day North Dakota state gymnastics meet on Friday.

“It was little things,” he said. “It wasn’t big things, but there was enough little things to add up one or two points. Minot certainly had a good meet and we needed to have a better meet to earn it. I was proud of the girls. It was just the little things kept adding up.”

West Region Meet

At DHS gymnasium

Team scores: Minot 147.175, Dickinson 146.525, Bismarck Century 136.400. Bismarck High 135.775, Jamestown 134.775, Mandan 117.150.

All around

1, Acacia Fossum, D, 37.925. 2, Madison Reiter, Minot, 37.900. 3, Hannah Werchau, Minot, 37.425. 4, Keana Kudrna, D, 36.625. 5, Mikaela Kessel, D, 36.425. 6, Jessica Gabriel, C, 36.200. 7, Jenna Breuer, Minot, 35.975. 8, Katlin Kelley, B, 35.400. 9, Stephanie Huether, Minot, 35.350. 10, Kaylee Keller, B, 35.225. 11, Erin Hillerud, Jamestown 35.100. 12, Whitney Perrin, C, 35.075. 13, Mckenzie Swallow, Mandan, 34.650. 14, Blythe Ehrmantraut, B, 34.375. 15, Olivia Schoffstall, Minot, 33.275.


1, Keana Kudrna, D, 9.625. 2, Madison Reiter, Minot, 9.525. 3, Jessica Gabriel, C, 9.450. 4, Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.325. 5, Acacia Fossum, D, 9.300. 6 (tie), Kaylee Keller, B; Katlin Kelley, B; Whitney Perrin, C, 9.275. 9, Mikaela Kessel, D, 9.175. 10, Blythe Ehrmantraut, B, 9.125. 11 (tie), Erin Hillerud, J; Adisynn Widdel, Minot, 9.000. 13, Mckenzie Swallow, Mandan, 8.975. 14 (tie), Maggie Ridley, J; Jenna Breuer, Minot; Dacia Rambousek, D, 8.950.

Uneven bars

1, Acacia Fossum, D, 9.700. 2, Madison Reiter, Minot, 9.425. 3, Jessica Gabriel, C, 9.400. 4, Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.100. 5, Keana Kudrna, D, 9.050. 6, Jenna Breuer, Minot, 9.000. 7 (tie), Kaylee Keller, B; Jenna Mueller, D, 8.650. 9, Olivia Schoffstall, Minot, 8.625. 10, Mikaela Kessel, D, 8.550. 11, Katlin Kelley, B, 8.425. 12, Stephanie Huether, Minot, 8.375. 13, Blythe Ehrmantraut, B, 8.325. 14, Mckenzie Swallow, Mandan, 8.300. 15, Jill Mueller, D, 8.225.

Balance beam

1, Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.450. 2, Acacia Fossum, D, 9.400. 3, Whitney Perrin, C, 9.325. 4, Madison Reiter, Minot, 9.225. 5, Jenna Mueller, D, 9.175. 6, Mikaela Kessel, D, 9.100. 7, Erin Hillerud, J, 9.000. 8, Savannah Fix, Minot, 8.875. 9, Sephanie Huether, Minot, 8.750. 10, Katlin Kelley, B, 8.725. 11, Mckenzie Swallow, Mandan, 8.700. 12, Jenna Breuer, Minot, 8.675. 13, Karsen Stroh, D, 8.525. 14, Keana Kudrna, D, 8.500. 15 (tie), Hailey Fix, Minot; Jill Mueller, D, 8.100.

Floor exercise

1, Madison Reiter, Minot, 9.725. 2, Mikaela Kessel, D, 9.600. 3, Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.550. 4, Acacia Fossum, D, 9.525. 5, Keana Kudrna, D, 9.450. 6 (tie), Jessica Gabriel, C; Jenna Breuer, Minot, 9.350. 8, Stephanie Huether, Minot, 9.300. 9, Kaylee Keller, B, 9.275, 10, Erin Hillerud, J, 9.225. 11, Hailey Fix, Minot, 9.075. 12, Katlin Kelley, B, 8.975. 13, Blythe Ehrmantraut, B, 8.950. 14, Adisynn Widdel, Minot, 8.850. 15, Sarah Ashley, C, 8.825.