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Midgets win at “Orr”iginals Invitational

JAMESTOWN — Greg Jung wanted the Dickinson High boys and girls cross country teams to have fun.

Not only did the Midgets have fun, but they also won the “Orr”inginals Invitational.

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As a team, Dickinson finished in the top spots on the boys and girls side with 47 and 82 points, respectively, during the season opener on Saturday.

“I’m very ecstatic about the start we had both on the boys and girls side,” Jung said. “The kids lined up on a really tough course and our kids really performed well.”

Dickinson senior Jackson Binstock led the team with a first-place finish on a course which was labelled extreme. Binstock braved the hills, water, mud and rain with a time of 17-minutes, 32-seconds, which was more than a minute faster than the runner-up.

The Midgets’ two new transfers — senior James Smith and junior Dakota Mansfield, who goes to school in New England — made a quick impact. Smith finished seventh (19:45), while Mansfield placed ninth (20:31). Dickinson had five runners place in the top 20.

“It seemed like for (Binstock) it was pretty effortless,” Jung said. “He was in the zone and he felt real comfortable. The newcomers were terrific too. It was real impressive showing by the boys.”

On the girls side, sophomore Elizabeth Yoder and senior Emily Tyrrell finished third and fourth for the Midgets. Yoder ended with a time of 16:36 and Tyrrell posted 17:06.

Dickinson had five runners place in the top 30 and of those runners four are sophomores or younger.

“We were really happy to see what some of these younger girls could do,” Jung said. “They really performed well. It was really nice to see.”

The Midgets have two weeks before their next meet, which is the Becki Wells Invitational at 9 a.m. on Sept. 6 at Heart River Golf Course.

“Orr”iginals Invitational

At Jamestown


Team scores: Dickinson 47, Minot 67, Jamestown 100, Mandan 121, Beulah-Hazen 129, Medina 166, Shiloh Christian 215, Larimore 229, Turtle Mountain 252, Southern McLean 256, Sargent Central-Lidgerwood 274, Devils Lake 298, North Star 303, Garrison 324.

Individual top 10: 1, Jackson Binstock, D, 17:32. 2, Kyle Schumacher, J, 18:36. 3, Elliott Stone, SC, 18:52. 4, Jaden Wahlund, Minot, 19:01. 5, Nick Thomas, Medina, 19:20. 6, Christopher Stock, Minot, 19:26. 7, James Smith, D, 19:45. 8, Bryce Andreson, Mandan, 20:05. 9, Dakota Mansfield, D, 20:31. 10, Austin Keller, Minot, 20:31.

Other Dickinson finishers: 11, Collin Schock, 20:41. 19, Wyatt Kainz, 21:19. 28, Bronson Lewis, 22:32. 31, Kyle Wegner, 22:57. 35, Jacob Ellerkamp, 23:20. 46, Christopher Dean, 24:05.


Team scores: Dickinson 82, Minot 84, Jamestown 98, Killdeer 99, Southern McLean 111, Mandan 149, Shiloh Christian 159, Hazen-Beulah 202, Sargent Central-Lidgerwood 256, Devils Lake 274, Velva 296, Medina 326, Garrison 346.

Individual top 10: 1, Peyton Forlek, SCL, 16:30. 2, Kate Fox, SM, 16:33. 3, Elizabeth Yoder, D, 16:36. 4, Emily Tyrrell, D, 17:06. 5, Meg Super, Minot, 17:16. 6, Syndey Andersen, K, 17:20. 7, Kaylene Klein, HB, 17:29. 8, Trae Murray, K, 17:44. 9, Amber Stevahn, SC, 17:58. 10, Jacey Wilson, Mandan, 18:29.

Other Dickinson finishers: 17, Heather Hintz, 18:41. 28, Julia Anderson, 19:17. 30, Chelsea Anderson, 19:23. 35, Milla George, 19:57. 39, Alexus Meduna, 20:05. 55, Kelsey Gillen, 21:28.