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Moose totals Hettinger County deputy's vehicle, dies

A deputy had a run-in with a moose Tuesday evening. He was not injured but the Hettinger County Sheriff's Office is down one vehicle because of it.

The deputy was responding to a call across the county and was traveling on Highway 21 between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. when a moose made its way onto the road, Hettinger County Sheriff Sarah Warner said.

"He had seconds to hit the brakes," she said.

The moose died on impact.

"We were told that there were three roaming around the area and were spotted out there," she said.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department was notified and took care of the carcass.

There is a moose season in northeastern North Dakota. The southwest region of the state has few moose and no hunting season for them, said District Game Warden Butch Cox, Bowman. He was not at the scene.

"We get various reports every so often," he said, adding moose don't necessarily like to stay put.

They wander when they want to go somewhere for different food sources, he said.

Cox said they usually get two or three reports of moose a year in the Bowman and Hettinger areas.

The sheriff's office's Crown Victoria is totaled because of Tuesday's incident, Warner said. When asked how many vehicles the office has, with a laugh she said, "Five, minus one now," adding, "We have the situation covered."