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Myran sworn in as Taylor's mayor

TAYLOR -- Russ Myran was officially sworn-in Tuesday as Taylor's new mayor for a four-year term, after being elected through write-in votes this month.

Myran, along with the two newly-elected councilmen, Ronald Luff and Aaron Gjermundson, were all sworn-in at the organizational meeting at City Council.

"I made my decision on Sunday after receiving a lot of input and support from my family and friends," Myran said after his swearing-in. "Having been on the board will help me, I think, and the former mayor is my neighbor, so he'll be a good source of help if I get into a sticky spot."

Myran, who was a two-term city councilman elected both times through write-in votes, won the June 12 mayoral race with 50 of the total 71 write-in votes cast.

In addition to Myran's votes, there were also 12 write-in votes for Ray Fettig, three write-in votes for Travis Olson, and one write-in vote each cast for Dennis Sievers, Jim Wolf, Marlys Vaagen and Nickolas Songer. There were also two unqualified votes cast.

No one filed to run to replace Wolf, who decided not to seek another term after he served 12 years as mayor and 16 years as a city councilman before that.

"If Russ has any questions, I'll be around here to help him, but I don't plan to come to any more council meetings after tonight," Wolf said. "It's a good feeling to be stepping down as mayor. There's just not enough time for my business and the city's business. All of my own business is plenty for me to do."

Patricia Wilson, Taylor's new city auditor, said she was a little concerned that Myran may not accept the mayor's position until she heard from him Sunday.

"I was worried, but I knew he would decide to do it in the end," she said. "I think he'll do well because he has experience on the council already and can use that to help him as mayor."

Myran said he will focus on keeping Taylor's growth and expansion under control.