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Officer injured, window shattered

local Dickinson,North Dakota 58602
The Dickinson Press
Officer injured, window shattered
Dickinson North Dakota 1815 1st Street West 58602

Two Stark County Sheriff's Department vehicles need new glass after the windows were shattered after a scuffle followed by a run-in with a pheasant in Richardton, Tuesday evening.

Joel Rudnick, a 27-year-old from Fargo, is accused of kicking an officer in the knee and arm and the officer sustained minor injuries during the incident at the Cenex.

"We had a report of a (driving under the influence) and the officer got a hold of the individual and arrested him for DUI and he became a little upset and resisted," Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said. "He kicked the officer, kicked the window out of one of the sheriff's vehicles and he was put in a different vehicle because of the glass, and then that deputy was coming into town bringing him to jail and a pheasant ended up coming up out of the ditch and shattered the windshield."

Rudnick was not injured. He is being charged with assaulting a peace officer, criminal mischief and driving under the influence, Tuhy added. He is being held at the Southwest Multi-County Correctional Center in Dickinson.