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Pet vaccine, registration day planned in Hebron

Hebron-area pet owners will have a chance to get their dogs registered with the city and get rabies and distemper vaccines for their cats and dogs at a dog license clinic in town on Saturday.

West Dakota Vet Clinic from Dickinson will be on hand to vaccinate pets at a discounted rate as well as test cats for feline leukemia.

The city sponsors the event because it can be hard for some Hebron residents to get around, Hebron City Auditor Vanessa Reim said.

"It's a wonderful thing that our community offers for our citizens," she said.

It's important to get pets vaccinated for rabies because it's a fatal disease that affects all mammals, including humans, said Dr. Beth Carlson, North Dakota's deputy state veterinarian.

"Some of the other things that pets are vaccinated for are things that can be transmitted from animal to animal and can cause pretty serious illness," she said.

There were 75 cases of rabies last year in North Dakota, Carlson said. Many of them were skunks, but a few were pets and livestock.

Since Jan. 1, there have been two cats found in Burleigh County with rabies, she added.

"The vaccine for rabies is a very effective vaccine, but it does have to be given more than once" Carlson said. After the second shot the rabies vaccine lasts for three years, she said.

There are some animal diseases, like canine parvovirus, a very serious intestinal disease, that are inexpensive to vaccinate against but cost a lot to treat, if they're treatable at all, Carlson said.

The city of Hebron asks that residents license their dogs in case they are found roaming in town, Reim said. When dogs are found, they hold them for three days or so while attempting to find the owners.

Microchipping is another way to register animals and can be done at West Dakota Vet Clinic, office manager Jayme Calhoun said. That is where a tiny chip in implanted in a pet and if they are found vets and pounds can scan the animal to find out who owns it.

"When you have something through the company, they can send out an alert to the local area vets to let them know the animal is missing," she said.

The licensing clinic will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Bolke Memorial Center, formerly the cheese plant, in Hebron. The deadline for license registration is Jan. 31.

For more information contact the city office before 11:30 a.m. today at 701- 878-4600.

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