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Police almost shock woman accused of stealing - <i> corrected </i>

local Dickinson,North Dakota 58602
The Dickinson Press
Police almost shock woman accused of stealing - <i> corrected </i>
Dickinson North Dakota 1815 1st Street West 58602

Dickinson Police used a stun gun on a woman accused of shoplifting at Runnings on Saturday morning.

Dena Winch, 28, Dickinson, allegedly left the farm and fleet store without purchasing less than $150 worth of merchandise including a flashlight, strobe lights and stickers, Police Capt. Dave Wilkie said.

An employee followed her to her vehicle and took note of the license plate as she left, Wilkie said. Authorities caught up with Winch at her residence.

When apprehended Winch resisted arrest, turning a citation into a Class A misdemeanor, Wilkie said.

"If for the theft she would have got cited," Wilkie said. "But for the resisting arrest, that was your A misdemeanor. So she went to jail for that."


Dena Winch was not hit with a stun gun as stated in Tuesday's Dickinson Press. The Dickinson Police Department warned the 28-year-old Dickinson woman to stop resisting arrest or she would be Tased Saturday at her residence. She complied and was not shocked.