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Police seek information about ballpark vandalism

Unknown assailants caused thousands of dollars of damage at the Southside Municipal Ballpark over the weekend.

A report came in to the Dickinson Police Department early Saturday morning of vandalism at the home of Legion Baseball in Dickinson, Capt. Dave Wilkie said. Officers found a vehicle parked near the facility that had been beat up with a baseball bat.

"They beat up a vehicle pretty bad and then they went back two more nights in a row," Wilkie said. Reports said the car was destroyed, but did not have a value listed for the damage.

Extra patrols were issued for the ballpark, Wilkie said.

"When you do an extra patrol you probably try to maybe get over there once an hour," Wilkie said. "If you get over there on a regular basis the people who are thinking about doing this again -- they either figure out you're only going to be there for an hour or they see that you've been there a few times."

The police believe the assailants live in the area and were able to time their assaults around the patrols, Wilkie said.

On Saturday evening about $30,000 worth of damage was done to three buses parked at the Southside Municipal Ballpark, Wilkie said.

The incident is still under investigation, and if anyone has information they can call the Dickinson Police Department at 456-7759.

Fake prescription nets a felony for Dickinson woman

On Saturday afternoon Mandy Giddings allegedly brought a fake prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug to Thrifty White Drug in Dickinson. The offense is a Class C felony.

Man arrested after chase

After a tussle at Family Connection on Sept. 3 a Dickinson man felt unsafe when 48-year-old Terry Fussell was fixing his car and walking the alley behind the counseling center.

Police contacted Fussell and saw that he had a warrant for a 24/7 Sobriety Program violation, Wilkie said. The 24/7 program is requires those sentenced to it to check in with the local sheriff's office twice per day for a designated amount of time to prove their sobriety.

"When they found Terry he was working on a vehicle parked in the parking lot directly north of Family Connections," Wilkie said. "He was told about the warrant and was given the opportunity to pick up his tools and put them away and as soon as he got his tools in the trunk of his vehicle he took off running."

Officers chased him, caught up to him and he started be noncompliant, Wilkie said.

"They ended up Tasing him," Wilkie said.

He was allegedly rude to the staff when he was brought to St. Joseph's Hospital.

Fussell was arrested for the violation of the 24/7 program, fleeing police officers, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was also issued a warning for criminal trespassing near Family Connection.

Woman, friend arrested for assaulting boyfriend

A Dickinson woman and her friend were arrested in the connection of the assault of the woman's boyfriend Saturday morning, Wilkie said.

Melissa Hearron, 38, Dickinson was arrested for aggravated assault/domestic violence and her friend, Mandy Domagala, 34, Dickinson, was arrested for disorderly conduct and hindering law enforcement.

Police were called to the residence when Hearron and her boyfriend were allegedly fighting earlier in the evening, but allegedly told officers that it could be resolved without them, Wilkie said.

After the initial call the fighting allegedly continued and Hearron began cutting herself, Wilkie said. She allegedly blocked the entrance, cutting the boyfriend when he attempted to leave.

Police were notified of the incident when the boyfriend was in the emergency room, Wilkie said.

Domagala was allegedly being disrespectful and aggressive to the officers repeatedly and was arrested.

Men caught with possession of 4 deaf child signs

Authorities caught up with Jeremiah Evenson, 20, and Ben Diede, 22, both of Dickinson, after they were caught stealing a deaf child sign on 11th Avenue West, Wilkie said.

The pair allegedly had four of the signs in their possession, and the value is estimated at $50 per sign.

The two were cited for a misdemeanor, Wilkie said.