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Prostitution charges dropped in Dickinson Municipal Court

Two California women charged with prostitution in Dickinson are off the hook, officials said Thursday.

The Dickinson Municipal Court will dismiss the charges against Sacramento resident Corey Carlton, 25, and Sabrina St. Clair, 27, San Jose, City Attorney Matthew Kolling said, adding there was a lack of probable cause.

Police arrested the two women and Eric Smith, 38, of Rock Springs, Wyo., at the Red Coach Lounge in the Quality Inn and Suites on April 19, Dickinson Police Capt. David Wilkie said.

Smith was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution.

St. Clair and Carlton were staying at the hotel, which is across from the Law Enforcement Center.

The police department received at least two customer complaints, giving officers reasonable suspicion, the captain said.

"Reasonable suspicion is the difference between me having a reason to come and talk to you and me having a reason to arrest you," he said.

The two women did not show up for their court hearing at Dickinson City Hall on Thursday. An order for dismissal was filed with the municipal clerk of court before the hearing.

Stark County State's Attorney Tom Henning had not seen charges filed against Smith as of Thursday. Smith could face solicitation charges at the district level.