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Sahrs prepare for car show

Tom Sahr stands beside his 1953 Ford convertible that he will display in the Harvest Hoopla car show.

If Tom Sahr isn't somewhere in the house, his wife, Jowayne, has a pretty good idea that he's in the garage.

Sahr spends his time working on vintage vehicles. He's currently restoring a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire, a vehicle that was gifted by a family member.

"It's actually a very striking car -- it's shining black with a lot of chrome in it," he said.

The Oldsmobile, along with a 1928 GMC truck and a red 1953 Ford convertible make up his collection of vehicles.

Sahr plans to enter the vehicles (including the Oldsmobile if it is finished) into upcoming antique car show during the Harvest Hoopla. The show gets underway when the gate opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7, on the church grounds.

"There will be some older cars, a few newer cars, and I'm thinking some motorcycles and some hot rods," said Sahr, who is helping to organize the show. "We're looking for special interest cars, such as a later model Corvette -- something you don't see on the street every day."

Sahr has room for a few more entries, and those interested may call him at 701-866-3860. There is no charge.

"It's one of the many activities going on during the Harvest Hoopla," he said.

Sahr credits his interest in hot rods and vintage cars to his boyhood. While still in high school, he acquired the truck and converted it into a hot rod.

"I'm the second owner," he said. "A farmer bought it new and I've actually had it longer than he did," he said.

Jowayne's favorite vehicle is the hot rod.

"It's just classy," she said. "In the evenings when it gets nice outside, we drive both vehicles."

Since retiring from the telephone company in 2007, Sahr has had more time to work on his hobby.

Sahr and his wife like to take the vehicles on short rides, but seldom show them. Exceptions were the Prairie Cruisers show n' shine in Dickinson and the July 4th parade.