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Single-engine plane crashes into lake in Minnesota

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. -- A single-engine, fixed-wing airplane crashed on northwest Lake Latoka in Alexandria shortly after 10:30 a.m. this morning.

No serious injuries were reported.

The plane was en route to the Alexandria Airport when it crashed, according to a deputy at the scene.

The nose of the plane cracked through the ice, creating some open water.

Witnesses on shore reported hearing a plane's engine making sputtering noises, followed by a loud bang, which apparently came from the plane's parachute being deployed.

The plane is intact and didn't appear to have much damage, except for the front portion.

The family in the plane are reportedly from the Twin Cities area and the man works in Alexandria.

A long-time resident on the lake noted that last year at this time, the ice was already off the lake and speculated that the crash could have been worse in open water.

A news release has not been issued yet so no names are available.

The Alexandria Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene.