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Stark County Weed Control Board to bring problems to commission

Facing a growing weed problem, often from trucks hauling around infested gravel and other materials, the Stark County Weed Control Board plans to bring its concerns to the County Commission next month.

Discussion of the escalating problem, and possible solutions, dominated the board's Tuesday meeting.

The board discussed possible ideas, such as getting another employee to help spray for the area's problem weeds, like leafy spurge.

Currently, one man is spraying all weed infestations on Stark County public lands. Another three employees are only seasonal.

"If it takes more people, then I guess that's what where we have to go," said board member Duane Wolf, who also sits on the Stark County Commission.

"We have to get business done here."

The board plans to bring its concerns before commissioners at their Sept. 3 meeting.

"The rest of the commission has to understand what we're facing here," Wolf said.