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Theodore Roosevelt National Park asks for comment on North Unit visitor center

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is seeking public comment on a new North Unit Visitor Center.

The old visitor center, built in 1992, has “recurring structural issues” so has been abandoned since July, according to a press release.

“A combination of earth pressure, an underground coal seam actively carrying water, surcharge pressures from the sloping hill behind the structure, and expansive clays were the key forces that caused structural movement, excessive stress, heaving, and wall cracking,” according to the public scoping document on the project.

The park is using buildings meant for staff housing as a temporary visitor center. The park does not know what size the replacement center will be, only that it’s not expected to exceed the size of the abandoned one, 4,700 square feet.

Public comment is requested as part of the National Environmental Policy Act-required Environmental Assessment. Citizens are encouraged to provide any concerns, alternative site proposals and solutions. The three proposed sites are all adjacent to the abandoned center.

Construction is slated to occur this summer.

To view the park’s proposal and submit comment by March 6, visit