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Think before you vote

The answer to Mr. Montgomery's letter to the editor about the Stark County Court failing the community again has a very simple explanation.

The people of Stark County continually vote for the same judges again and again. Most of the judges seem to be very liberal as do the attorneys in Stark County. Most of them are more interested in the fines, court costs and probation instead of giving punishing jail sentences. Most cases are settled out of court without juries to the detriment of the public and to the benefit of the criminals.

It is plain and simple greed. Does this not sound familiar in North Dakota as a whole but especially in Stark County? It's all around us, why should the courts be any different?

Next time you vote for a judge or a county attorney, think about that and vet the person you are voting for before you go to the ballot box.

Jeanne Corey, Dickinson