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Thunderstorms sock SD: Rain in excess of 2 inches helps create sinkhole in Chamberlain

Chamberlain City Engineer Greg Powell inspects an alley Wednesday morning where a sinkhole was created earlier by heavy rains and collapsed under the weight of a truck.

MITCHELL, S.D. -- Thunderstorms socked much of the region with heavy rain and caused some minor flooding issues early Wednesday morning, along with a truck-sized sinkhole in Chamberlain, S.D.

The heaviest amounts of rain came in a band that extended from Chamberlain and moved northeast to Huron, S.D.

Chamberlain received 2.52 inches and White Lake, S.D., got 2 inches of precipitation.

Among towns in the Mitchell area, Wessington Springs, S.D., saw the most rain from the storm, with 3.15 inches falling but no flooding. Howard, S.D., got 1.19 inches of rain and Gregory, S.D., and Platte, S.D., received just more than 1 inch.

The rain began to fall just after midnight in Chamberlain and continued until just before 7 a.m.

Some flooding issues were reported in Chamberlain, which included an 8-foot deep sinkhole that swallowed a pickup in an alley near the intersection of Mott Avenue and Merrill Street.

The pickup sustained a great deal of damage, Chamberlain City Engineer Greg Powell said.