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Truck stop seeks Stark County liquor license

A truck stop near the Stark and Dunn county line could begin liquor sales as early as Dec. 1.

County Line Truck Stop LLC requested a liquor license from the Stark County Commission in May, but as it would be the first license issued in decades, the commission wanted to establish parameters.

Now that the county has passed an ordinance regarding liquor licenses, Randy Sickler, a Dickinson attorney representing County Line Truck Stop LLC, returned to the commission at its Monday meeting at the courthouse to request a license.

"The reasons why there is pressure to do this sooner than later now is that the truck stop is hoping to be open by Dec. 1," he said. "Then, after the county grants it, we still have to go through the state process yet. So the sooner we can apply to the state, the better chance we'll have a license by Dec. 1."

Commissioner Ken Zander said the commission was in a position to authorize the issuance of that particular license, but Commissioner Duane Wolf added that businesses in the county that wish to obtain a liquor license will have to apply at the county auditor's office first.

"All of the liquor license applications will have to then come before the County Commission for us to act on," Wolf said. "That's because we don't want to start a situation where we have 10 applications for liquor licenses at once. This way, we can look at each one of them individually."

Liquor license applicants will also be required to come before the commission again when their license is up for renewal every Jan. 1.

For the County Line Truck Stop LLC license, Hoff said it would have to pay a $1,000 application fee to begin selling liquor when the business opens Dec. 1 and another $1,000 come Jan. 1 to renew the license.

Scott Wax, president of County Line Truck Stop LLC, told the commission he expected to move forward and pay the fee, so the business, which will include a convenience store and quick-serve restaurant, can begin selling liquor next month, as long as the truck stop is ready to open as scheduled.

"Either way, it is going to be a convenience for our customers for this point because there is no way we'll make up that $1,000 that it would cost to operate, whether it is 31 days or 15 days," he said.