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Verizon 4G network available in Dickinson, Williston

Dr. Jen Meyer, Dickinson, stays connected to her office at Meyer Family Chiropractic through her smartphone while eating lunch at The Brew on Thursday.

Verizon Wireless' 4G Long Term Evolution network is available to customers in Dickinson and Williston as of Thursday, speeding up Internet access with mobile devices.

The network will cover Dickinson, north of Dickinson on Highway 22 to 30th Street, south to 50th Avenue, east along Interstate 94 to Richardton, west to mile marker 53 and in Taylor.

Coverage also will be available in Williston, north of town along Highway 85 to Highway 2, south to Alexander, along Highway 2 to Ray, and in Etting and Tioga.

The 4GLTE is 10 times faster than 3G and is two times faster than Verizon's competitors, said John Christy, indirect account manager for Verizon Wireless in Bismarck, who was in Dickinson on Thursday.

He said customers have been coming to the Dickinson store every day with questions about the switch to 4G.

"There will be a lot of opportunities for people, as far as mobile broadband goes," he said. "People who have a 4G-capable device can now do things like watch movies and download music, and 4G will make it all smoother and more seamless. Things will show up on 4G phones faster and pictures will be able to be downloaded faster too."

Sales of 4G phones were going well at the Verizon store on Third Avenue West in Dickinson.

"We even had one customer who came in and purchased five new 4GLTE phones," said Alysia Fritz, the store's assistant manager.

Dr. Jen Meyer of Meyer Family Chiropractic in Dickinson said the faster Internet connection at her fingertips will make communication easier.

"I think the faster speed will be great," she said. "We use the Internet so much with everyday life, using Facebook to keep up with old friends and doing business, I have constant contact with my email and my appointments just by using my phone."

Ashley Clarke, manager of the Verizon Wireless store on First Street West in Dickinson, which opened earlier this year, said many Verizon customers are eligible to reap the benefits of 4GLTE.

"A lot of people will be able to use this upgrade because so many people had the mindset we wouldn't get 4G," she said "They just stuck with 3G, but it is so cool now to activate a new phone and see 4G on it."