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Westbound lane of Interstate 94 reopened at Painted Canyon

A late Monday night accident caused part of the westbound lane on Interstate 94 to close temporarily at the Painted Canyon Overlook exit Tuesday.

According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, Black Gold Logistics was hauling a gin pole truck on a trailer when it collided with the Exit 32 overpass, ripping the truck off its trailer and causing damage to the overpass.

"It ripped that gin pole truck off the lowboy," said Trooper Travis Holding Eagle. "It slipped and ended up in the north ditch."

The accident closed one lane of traffic on Interstate 94 Monday night and Tuesday morning.

A detour was eventually set up after the lane was closed and traffic was diverted off the freeway and around on the exit ramps, said Larry Gangl, Dickinson district engineer for the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The interstate reopened on Tuesday afternoon.

The bridge remains closed as engineers determine the extent of the structural damage.