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White supremacist Cobb seeks to buy property in Regan

REGAN -- The white supremacist trying to turn the tiny town of Leith into an all-white community has his sights set on another North Dakota town.

Craig Cobb has made offers on nine vacant lots in Regan, about 40 miles northeast of Bismarck.

A Bismarck realty company confirmed that an offer of $6,700 was made. It was not accepted because it wasn't "full price," the company told WDAY-TV.

Thirty-five people live in Regan. Residents there said they want to grow, but not with Cobb's help.

"I would say we don't need a Craig Cobb here in town," Regan Mayor Marvin Gillig told WDAY.

The real estate company says the listing has since been removed from the Multiple Listing Service.

Cobb said that's discriminatory, and he reported it to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.