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Who's on the Gladstone Park Board? Attorney working on determining the answer

GLADSTONE -- Gladstone Park Board attorney William Delmore of Bismarck told the board he will have a better idea of how to proceed with determining who's on the park board next week after he speaks with City Attorney Mary Nordsven, who was not present at the Thursday meeting in the community center in Gladstone.

"I understand that you all have a difference of opinion and we have people here who may or may not be board members," Delmore said. "But I hope that whatever happens, the board that comes out of this represents that."

The park board intended to have a meeting last week regarding an eviction notice placed on the campers at Prairie Rose Park, but Gladstone's mayor claimed the meeting couldn't take place.

City Council members had ordered Nordsven to ask the park board to desist maintaining the campground July 9, stating it is meant for tourists, according to a letter she wrote to park board member Monte Martin. It advised him to take immediate steps to remedy the issue, and he served an eviction notice July 10 stating residents must leave by Aug. 10 or the campers would be towed at their expense.

One camper who was concerned about eviction asked Thursday if accommodations could be made for current campers.

"I was just wondering if it would be possible, depending on which way this goes, to maybe put in a grandfather clause for the people that are already there to avoid undue hardship?" he asked.

Delmore said the camper had a good point.

"It's a park and I hope that people would act fairly in regards to that," he said.

Board member Erin McGahuey told the camper that they weren't being evicted, and Delmore added, "Not yet."

Delmore, who is also representing the board in a lawsuit filed against the city claiming a measure to dissolve the board should not have been on the ballot, said he did agree with the city on the matter of zoning.

"The city is the appropriate zoning authority," he said. "If the city says these are the zoning rules, the park board has to follow them."

Mayor Kurt Martin said at last week's meeting that McGahuey and board member Lillian Bondell were elected to the board, but didn't take the oath within 10 days of notification pursuant to North Dakota law, therfore they could not serve on the board.

But McGahuey disputed that after Thursday's meeting.

"Lillian and I were elected to the board," she said. "But apparently I refused something (the oath of office) that I was not offered yet. I have not done anything without first being advised to do so by my attorney."