Weather Forecast


Winter strikes Dickinson

Temperatures were in the 50s earlier in the week, but it's time to bundle up.

The temperature in Dickinson dropped from 52 to 9 degrees within 24 hours, AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Pigott said Wednesday.

Pigott added that Monday reached a high of 54, which beats the 1953 record of 53 degrees.

The high of 52 on Tuesday fell short of the 1995 record, which stands at 57 degrees.

Pigott expected the temperature to drop to 6 below zero Wednesday night, with 30 mph winds.

"You're going to have a lot more blowing and drifting than anything else," Pigott said.

Pigott said Dickinson received 1 inch of snow in the 24 hours after 1 p.m. Tuesday. He expects the wind to die down by this morning.

Eastern Montana State Patrol had no reports of accidents as of Wednesday afternoon.

North Dakota Highway Patrol and the Dickinson Police Department did not report any weather-related accidents as of 3 p.m. Wednesday.

"Now it seems like the driving lane is cleared off," North Dakota Highway Patrol Lt. Norman Ruud said Wednesday. "The passing lane still has some areas of packed ice and snow."

Dickinson Police Capt. Joe Cianni said people have been driving "appropriately" for the weather, but should watch out for ice on the roads.

Ruud said drivers should use extra caution.

"On the icy sections on the road, refrain from using cruise control," Ruud said. "Refrain from passing vehicles."