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Woman turns down $500 reward after finding missing cat

FARGO — Nearly two dozen people called Paige Magelky on Wednesday following a newspaper story about her missing cat, Beauty, and the $500 reward offered for her safe return. Lucky for her, the woman who found Beauty had no interest in the money.

“When I saw the tears of joy, that was enough reward for me,” said Mary Fornes.

Her husband, John, was the first to spot Beauty hiding under their patio furniture.

Mary was curious if it was the cat she had just read about in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, so she went outside to investigate.

When she opened the door and called “kitty,” Beauty came running right in.

Beauty had been missing since Halloween, when she slipped out the door as Magelky’s grandmother was greeting trick-or-treaters.

Beauty did not stray far from home. The couple live nine blocks away and are friends of the Magelkys from Holy Spirit Church.

Mary Fornes said she would never accept a reward for finding an animal and that she was just happy to be part of a story with a happy ending.