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Site shows hundreds of spills in southwestern North Dakota, most very small

Residents of southwestern North Dakota will find every environmental spill, no matter how small, on the newly launched state spill disclosure website.

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The site includes a list of spills in the past year that were contained, and a list of those that weren’t contained, like an overflow of the boundaries of a facility.

Most of the spills were of fewer than 10 barrels of oil or saltwater, and were contained at the site.

As it does with oil production, Dunn County leads southwestern oil counties with spills of oil, brine or fracking fluids. The county saw more than 200 spills that were contained and 64 that weren’t. To the south, Stark County saw 27 contained and six uncontained spills.

Billings County saw 87 contained spills in the past year, and 20 spills that were not contained.

Bowman County saw 28 contained spills and 16 uncontained, the largest happening just last week as a byproduct of a spill in Montana. About 17,000 barrels of brine got into 2.8 miles of the Big Gumbo Creek on Nov. 25.