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Two spills reported in McKenzie County

ARNEGARD — Two separate brine spills have been reported in McKenzie County.

About 115 barrels of oil and 230 barrels of brine spilled from a saltwater disposal site in McKenzie County on Tuesday.

Caliber Midstream reported the spill, at a site six miles southwest of Arnegard. The cause is reportedly tank overflow due to human error, according to the Department of Mineral Resources.

All but 10 barrels of brine have been recovered and that was contained within a dike at the site.

On Wednesday, the North Dakota Department of Health was notified of a brine spill at a well site owned by Hunt Oil about 12 miles south of Arnegard, which occurred after a pump leak.

Approximately 180 barrels of brine were released with about 62 barrels recovered. The spill escaped the site and impacted soil in the area.

The Department of Health will work with the company on a remediation plan.