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Water spill near Marmarth, oil spill near Ray reported

BISMARCK — There has been a 2,000-barrel spill of water used for enhanced oil recovery from a flow line owned by Denbury Onshore approximately 8 miles southwest of Marmarth in Slope County, according to the North Dakota Department of Health.

The water — about 63,000 gallons of it — is higher in dissolved solids and minerals than fresh water. The spill occurred as a result of a leak in the flow line. Most of the water has soaked into the soil and a dike will be constructed to control runoff. The Department of Health is working on an initial site assessment.

On June 12, a spill of 20 barrels of crude oil, produced water and fresh water was reported 12 miles south of Ray in Williams County as a result of a valve assembly failure.

The site is owned by Kodiak Oil & Gas. The spill impacted a dry intermittent stream; free liquid has been recovered and sorbent booms are in place in the stream bed. State Industrial Commission Oil and Gas Division inspectors and Department of Health inspectors have been on scene.