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Oilfield Cowboy visits Williston

Wes St. Jon, known as the Oilfield Cowboy, performs his song "Boom or Bust" in Williston for a music video produced by the Prairie Public Black Gold Boom Project.

WILLISTON -- Williston is featured in a Prairie Public music video for the country song "Boom or Bust" that is gaining popularity online.

Singer Wes St. Jon of Nashville, known as the Oilfield Cowboy, visited North Dakota last fall to promote his music and visit oil field workers.

Although he'd spent a lot of time around oil activity in Louisiana and Oklahoma, St. Jon said he's never seen a boomtown like Williston.

"It's pretty incredible, really," St. Jon said in an interview this week.

He started writing music for oil field workers after touring Louisiana during the oil boom of the late 1970s. He met workers who requested oil field songs, so St. Jon spent a year learning about the industry so he could write some. He has three albums of oilfield music and is considering releasing a fourth.

"Nobody really appreciates the oil field like they should, in my mind," he said.

St. Jon spent about three months in Williston last fall, visiting about 50 drilling rigs and playing music for the workers. His song "American Oil From American Soil" was popular during karaoke night in Williston, he said.

"A lot of them had heard of me and some of them hadn't," St. Jon said.

Prairie Public, through its project Black Gold Boom, which is reporting on North Dakota's oil boom, produced a music video for St. Jon's song "Boom or Bust" about the ups and downs of working in the oil field. The video that was filmed in Williston has about 4,000 views on YouTube.

St. Jon's music can be accessed through his website,