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Letter: Support needed for anti-discrimination bill

Thank you for printing Colleen McKirdy's letter regarding Senate bill 2278, the "gay rights bill," in the April 7 Dickinson Press.

The assertion in the news account presenting the argument that the bill was about a choice of behavior shows ignorance of all the scientific literature, as the McKirdy letter points out. The scientific evidence is so overwhelming that virtually every professional counseling and medical association also asserts that homosexuality is an inborn trait, not either an illness or a choice.

As to rights, how can we fail to support an anti-discrimination measure in the face of all the evidence that such discrimination exists? GLBT persons suffer not simply discrimination in housing and employment, but also violence with greater frequency than any other group. I hope the bill or a version of it surfaces again with greater and more informed support in the next legislative biennium.

When will we see simply the common humanity of all, gay and lesbian folks and straight folks, without the labels we figuratively paint on our foreheads. I know that many of us seek God's help to grow in acceptance of love and understanding of all sorts and conditions of humanity.

Speaking for my own small part of the religious community, I apologize for my own inaction in not writing my support of this legislation to my senators and representatives before the vote, and for my denomination's failure to speak out as well, at least insofar as I could influence that. It will be a measure of healthy growth for our society when we willingly guarantee the rights supported in Senate Bill 2278.

(Rev. Dr.) Bruce L. MacDuffie, St. John's Episcopal Church, Dickinson