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Letter: Many thanks for help at lake

We read the article on the front page of Wednesday's Press entitled "Winterkill won't go to waste" and while we applaud the city for its action, we were surprised that no mention was made about the two individuals namely Greg Pruitt and Paul Quinn who recognized the problem and set in motion an organized cleanup that no other agency took responsibility to implement.

As residents of Patterson Lake we would have endured several months of undesirable odors as the fish continued to rot away in the lake as our weather warmed up.

Greg and Paul and the many volunteers did such an outstanding job that you have to look hard to find any remaining dead fish in the lake from the many thousands they removed. So the "thank you" and awards should first belong to Greg and Paul, second to the many volunteers who donated their time, labor and equipment for this massive cleanup, and third to the city of Dickinson for recycling the fish into fertilizer compost.

Richard and Benni Privratsky and many of the residents of Patterson Lake, Dickinson