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Letter: Look for time change petitions

Regarding circulating petitions for the time change: We want this to be a people's choice change. Central Daylight Time petitions will be circulated in January. This then becomes the obligation of the county commissioners to submit this for the ballot in June for the primary election. All residents 18 years old and older will have the opportunity to vote for or against.

I am sending out a letter to the auditors of the counties in Southwest North Dakota that are on Mountain Daylight Time and asking them to participate with us.

Waiting till January gives the other southwest Counties the opportunity to sign petitions and place it on the ballot for the June primary election as well.

If the voters pass this, the next step will be for the County Commissioners to petition the Department of Transportation who will make the final decision.

Education, government, business, health care and recreation all benefit and will be more progressive and competitive in a changing environment. This will not take business away from Dickinson but will enhance it and allow us to be more competitive.

I was asked by the Stark County commissioners what motivated me to do this. I am a public servant, when I was asked by many to make this one of my missions as a city commissioner, I listened.

If you don't change your direction you will end up exactly where you are headed.

Shirley K. Dukart, Dickinson city commissioner