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Letter: Christian sponsorship key to community

There is a mission field in our midst. It is a mission field created by our government controlling in an area where it should be merely supportive. It is the area of taking care of the poor.

In a holistic and healthy society, the church leads the way in taking care of the poor. It is a natural commission to fill gaps left by dysfunctional families and broken spirits. It also gives Christians exercise for spiritual growth.

Now the government is controlling in every area of our lives: Taking over businesses, the raising of children through social programs in schools and supervision of dysfunctional families, and controlling in the spiritual realm through the mental health and addiction treatment system.

Mental health and addiction issues need to be addressed holistically, and are more spiritual than physical problems. The biological disease theory and comprehensive government care, however, have reduced the focus of treatment to the material plane.

Whenever a government moves into controlling in the spiritual area, a country is ripe for revolution. We are fortunate in America to have the best Constitution and form of government ever devised by man, so, therefore, we don't need to overthrow this present government, only restore it to its original form. Our government is simply out of bounds.

We can have a peaceful revolution if the churches will get back in action as the primary caretaker of the poor. A good place to start is with Christian sponsorship. The treatment system has done such a good job of alienating the poor and broken from the church and community that they may have to be brought back one by one through a 12-step Christian recovery program.

Marilyn Schoenberg, Hebron