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Letter: Looking forward to working with senator

It is remarkable! Nearly 40 mayors from across our state have lent their names to the Friends of Byron Dorgan Honorary Committee -- a group of people who support Byron's reelection to the United States Senate. Mayors from our largest cities -- like Fargo and Grand Forks -- are on the list, as well as mayors from our smaller communities -- like Regent and Beulah. These mayors have joined over 500 others from North Dakota and represent the broad base of support that Byron has across the state, even as it is a year out from the election.

It is an impressive cross section of our state -- Republicans, Democrats, Independents as well as business and community leaders.

Perhaps it is not all that surprising. Byron has delivered for our state year after year. He is a leader on issues like energy that dramatically impact our state. And his seniority has given him important positions on committees and in the leadership that mean real results for North Dakota. We have no doubt that our Honorary Committee will continue to grow. We look forward to working with Byron as he continues to work for North Dakotans.

Shirley Meyer, Dickinson and Bill Hejl, Amenia, Friends of Byron Dorgan Honorary Committee co-chairpersons