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Letter: Don't wait until 2010 to build animal shelter

In reference to the article in The Press on Oct. 17: For quite some time now, pets have been rescued from the Dickinson pound or returned to their owners, only to find that they immediately get sick, die, or had to be euthanized. These exposed and infected impounded pets are exposing other pets.

One very recent instance, five (death row) pound cats were rescued. They were placed and isolated in a foster home. A few days later, two of the rescued cats quickly became sick and within a day, euthanasia took place. Sadly enough, another was euthanized that same evening. He was a new rescue not associated with the pound, but unfortunately was exposed to the infected pound cats.

These cats are only a miniscule portion of the animals that have lost their lives because of the pound situation (and of the ones in the future, which will lose their lives if the Dickinson pound continues to operate as it is).

They were living, breathing, and loving creatures whose lives were snuffed out long before they should have been. I held each of these cats. I felt their hearts beat, their breathing, their purring in contentment, their nudging to be held, their whiskers and noses rubbing my face, felt their warm bodies snuggle on my lap or in my arms.

This has gone on far too long and the animal lovers in this area need to stand up for these innocent helpless and more-times-than-not homeless pets. How many pets have lost their lives because of the disease and filth in that hole? How many more will die because the city won't see or acknowledge the severity of the pound situation?

Now it's wait until 2010! Many pets will have died or been euthanized by the time the city of Dickinson finally gives approval.

Yes, I'm a Pet Project Humane Society Board member. But I am not writing this as a board member, but as an animal lover who's tired of nothing being done to prevent the suffering and death of the pound pets as well as the lack of concern. These pets deserve medical attention, a sunlit, warm, clean, disease and filth-free facility, as well as a chance at life, not the death sentence they are now getting in the Dickinson pound.

Now is the time for a new facility, not sometime in 2010!

Sharon Dorval, Belfield