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Letter: Best wishes to Dorgan and remember to do right thing

I have to admit that the announcement of Sen. Byron Dorgan's decision not to seek re-election came as a complete surprise to me.

Despite the reasons he gave for his decision not to run again, I think the real reason is that he saw the handwriting on the wall. He knew that by supporting Obama's and the Democrats' radical health-care Bill and the radical Cap and Trade Bill that his chances for re-election were doomed and that by bowing out he wouldn't have to face the embarrassment of defeat in November.

The decision by both Sen. Dorgan and Sen. Dodd not to seek re-election marks the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency. Not only is President Obama destroying this country, he is destroying the Democratic Party, as well. Everything Obama is doing is all about power and control and excessive taxation. Nothing that he is doing is for citizens unless they are homosexual. He will go down in history as one of the worst presidents this country ever had. (Worse than Jimmy Carter.) The Democrats are going to take a big beating in the November general election.

Sen. Dorgan has done a lot for North Dakota and I wish him well!

I just hope now that Dorgan does the right thing by voting down Cap and Trade and government-controlled healthcare.

He says that he has other interests that he wants to pursue. Are these interests in North Dakota? Think about it!

Ralph Muecke, Gladstone