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Letter: Pushing serious issues

We must stay a strong, moral, religious nation to survive the attempt to have us be under a one-world government.

While we are occupied with abortion, euthanasia and government health care issues, which are deadly, many other serious issues are being attempted to be pushed through Congress.

The education and training of children would be controlled even more by the government instead of by their parents. This nearly passed during Clinton's administration but the Senate rejected it. Medical people may be forced to perform abortions, not treat the sick as they should, and perform mercy killing, or lose their jobs.

Financial problems and taxes will escalate terribly with Cap and Trade and global warming legislation. Socialism means the government controls the details of our lives and takes away freedom.

But don't despair. Live good moral lives, encourage others, vote for reliable candidates and ask God to bless America.

Frances Meduna, Manning