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Letter: St. Joseph's Hospital vital to southwest ND

Quality service is what you get at St. Joseph's Hospital. I recently had my 12th operation and over 50 percent of those I opted to have in Dickinson knowing that some could be major.

Starting with pre-registration, admission, nurses, anesthesiologist, assistant anesthesiologist, Dr. Williams, operating room staff and recovery room, care was phenomenal.

Frequent communication with the patient is the key to caring. Waiting is not easy when you are praying to hear the word benign.

Health care is not something we can take for granted and having a hospital is vital to our city. We need to support our hospital and in a few years we hope to build a new hospital that will be more efficient and less costly to maintain. It will also be more attractable to hiring doctors and staff. Hopefully, we will then be able to provide some services we lost.

Thank you Dr. Williams, your team and everyone at St. Joseph's Hospital for your awesome care.

Shirley K. Dukart, Dickinson