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Letter: English still the accepted language

Kudos to the ladies who have recently written letters to the editor regarding the language issue.

When our ancestors arrived here from Germany, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy, France, etc., they came with the understanding that if they were to live and work here, they needed to first of all learn the language and learn it well. They adjusted to this country and its diversity of people and cultures, each bringing their own particular customs with them.

None of them expected the people who already lived here to learn to speak their language and have it become the official language of the United States.

I think all of us who feel that English is still the accepted and official language of this country need to flood newspapers, schools, government officials, social services agencies -- any and all agencies to which these people go for help when they arrive in this country with letters and e-mails, letting them know how the majority of the population feels about this issue.

How about making it mandatory that they learn the language before being given admissions and privileges, which they seem to expect and demand from day one, rather than expect those of us who have lived and paid taxes in this country for generations to cater to them.

My brother and his wife live in a community which had a semi-pro basketball team. She is of Mexican descent and the team has hired her for many years now to teach English to their Spanish speaking players each spring. Now, doesn't that make more sense than the proposal to do just the opposite (hiring someone to teach Americans to speak their language instead?)

It is clearly time for us to take a stand and take back our country.

Rosalie Barth, Dickinson