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Letter: Veterans deserve better

I am really confused and puzzled.

We read in the front page of The Dickinson Press than the VA Clinic in Dickinson will be closing as of May 1.

No comments from our Stark County commissioners or our Dickinson city commissioners. No meetings set up to save our VA Clinic. No nothing. Our local vets deserve better than this.

We were one of the last towns to get our VA clinic. How ironic; we will be the first one to get ours closed.

We lose big time if that clinic closes. Vets will have to go to other towns for their services or stay here and pocket more of the costs themselves. We hear shop Dickinson; keep your money in Dickinson. I guess that is not meant for our area veterans.

Our Stark commissioners and Dickinson city commissioners are doing the same thing that happened when we lost our local Dickinson postmark. Sit on their hands, do nothing, and then protest when it was all over and done with.

I think all veterans need to start calling their local, state and U.S. representatives and let them know the hardship that will follow this closing.

It's called been there -- done that -- don't want to do it ever again.

Call your local, state and U.S. representatives. Let's show them that Dickinson and all of its veterans are not going to just lie down and be walked on.

Venita K. Lampl, Dickinson