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Letter: Let officials know VA clinic needed

Veterans of the Dickinson area, I have been hearing the Dickinson vet clinic will be closing May 1. How long did it take to get a vet clinic in this town? It's been here what, two years?

Now veterans will have to travel to Fargo, Miles City, Mont. or South Dakota for their medical care.

Do they still have to shop in town? With tax money we are paying for community services, the West River Community Center, gave millions to the college, built a brand new stadium and a doggie park to walk your dog. All this to draw people or keep people in the Dickinson area to spend their money here.

The veterans, a lot of them volunteered to help and protect this country.

It seems like someone's trying to give them a little boost out of town. We have done our good, so now we can be forgotten? Is that it?

I don't understand. We have ObamaCare we don't need the VA clinic.

Call the Dickinson mayor, city officials, state and U.S. Democrat representatives who seem to be in power. Maybe someone has an answer to this question.

Jim Huschka, Vietnam veteran, Dickinson