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Letter: Say yes to youth entrepreneurship

"I Said Yes!" To youth entrepreneurship!

Young people are interested in business. The Kauffman Foundation commissioned a survey of nearly 2,500 young people ages 8 to 21, about entrepreneurship.

Four in 10 young people indicated they have started or would like to start their own business.

Sixty-three percent agreed that, if they work hard, they have the ability to successfully start a business.

Because entrepreneurial skills are valuable for careers in all fields, one emerging trend is to provide programs for students such as Marketplace for Kids. Marketplace for Kids was recently recognized by the Midwestern Office of the Council of State Governments as one of the best youth entrepreneurship programs in the nation. This statewide program allows students to develop and showcase their ideas during one of nine Education Days.

During the Marketplace for Kids Education Day at Dickinson State University, Wednesday, March 17, the following teachers met and accepted the "I Said Yes!" challenge to incorporate entrepreneurship skills into their classrooms. Their students showcased a variety of inventions and business ideas. A special thank you to: Mrs. Richter of Elgin-New Leipzig Elementary School, Elgin; Ms. Kuchera, Golva Elementary School, Golva; Ms. Harper, and Mr. Wanner of Hettinger Public School, Hettinger; Mrs. Walker, Ms. Wagner, Ms. Pittsley and Mr. Walker of Killdeer Public School, Killdeer; and Ms. Hannah and Ms. Meduna of South Heart Public School, South Heart, for energizing our youth.

Classroom teachers stated that much of the hands-on learning done for Marketplace for Kids could not be accomplished without support from parents, grandparents and families of the students as they developed their projects.

The following schools also participated in the Marketplace for Kids extended day of hands-on learning: Halliday Public School, Halliday; Hope Christian Academy, Dickinson; Marmarth Elementary School, Marmarth; Mott/Regent Elementary School, Mott; Scranton Public School, Scranton; Twin Buttes Elementary School, Halliday; and Amidon Public School, Amidon.

"Your Ideas Matter" was the theme shared with our students in 2010! The ideas of our students are eye-opening. Our children must receive the academic preparation and community support needed to succeed in life. A special thank you to the sponsors, school districts, school board members, administrators, teachers, presenters, volunteers, students and others for participating in another successful Marketplace for Kids Education Day.

Marilyn K. Kipp, executive director of Marketplace of Ideas/Marketplace for Kids, Inc., Dickinson