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Letter: Conflict of interest with 2 school board candidates

It's no secret that government at every level has become corrupt. The Obama administration after only 16 months in power is the most dangerously corrupt in history. Unless something is done, we will no longer be a free country in four years.

In eight years the size of state government here in North Dakota has doubled.

Headline in The Dickinson Press, Sunday says "City breaks own rules -- Dickinson pays about $200,000 to previously unlicensed contractor."

Also on the front page: "4 running for school board seats." The thing that is particularly disturbing about that is two of the candidates namely: Rebecca Pitkin and Dave Moody are teachers.

While they are not teachers in the Dickinson Public School system, they are instructors at Dickinson State University and are still part of the education system.

Higher Education trains our teachers. This is very clearly a conflict of interest and is not acceptable even if they live in the community and have children of their own in the school system. Conflicts of interest are potential breeding grounds for corruption.

Cultural Marxism is creeping into education. Therefore, the local school board needs to be an independent body of local citizens acting as a watchdog to insure top quality education apart from the social and moral evils that are taking over.

I'm not making any accusations against Ms. Pitkin or Mr. Moody, but I think it would be in everyone's best interest as well as theirs if they would withdraw their candidacy just to be fair. I believe that they would gain more respect from the community in doing so.

Think about it!

Ralph Muecke, Gladstone