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Letter: PSC playing politics

Brian Kalk's recent letter to the editor is just another example of how partisan and political the North Dakota Public Service Commission has become!

Rather than spending all his time trying to score political points, Kalk should supervise his employees. Just look at the recent discovery of an outrageous poster of our United States president in a PSC employee's office in the state capitol.

But Kalk isn't the only Public Service commissioner getting paid by taxpayers to peddle politics. Instead of serving the public like it is supposed to, the three-member commission has become a faction of the radical right. Kevin Cramer frequently hosts an extremely conservative radio talk show in Fargo. Cramer is also a TEA Party cheerleader who has appeared at numerous rallies around the state. And if that's not bad enough, his cohort, Commissioner Tony Clark, now wants to be state Republican Party chairman!

These three are unbelievable! It is obvious they are playing politics on the state's dime. It's time to put public service back in the Public Service Commission and do away with the political gamesmanship of Cramer, Clark and Kalk.

Becky Ronkowski, Grand Forks