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Letter: PSC Commissioner Kalk fighting for us

A string of letters has been circulating around the state. These letters are a coordinated effort attacking Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk for his relentless opposition to Cap and Trade legislation.

North Dakota has the lowest cost retail electricity in the country, and Commissioner Kalk is working hard to keep it that way by fighting bills like the Cap and Trade legislation. He continues to report directly to the people on the expensive and intrusive impacts of this legislation. These reports are greatly appreciated by nearly all North Dakotans. Without voices like Commissioner Kalk's, we would most certainly see another bill from D.C. that imposes another version of Cap and Trade legislation disguised as a great benefit to humanity. This legislation would be riddled with harsh penalties, massive price tags and unintended consequences that would only be discovered after it is too late.

Commissioner Kalk has been attacked for being a partisan. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike will pay the price for Cap and Trade legislation. In the 2008 election, Commissioner Kalk was the only Republican endorsed by the AFL-CIO for his unwavering support of North Dakota workers. He is standing firm on his promise to support electricians, coal miners and those who work in support of manufacturing.

Elected officials work for the citizens, and that is exactly what Commissioner Kalk is doing. I am so proud of this retired Marine who is fighting for each of our rights. Commissioner Kalk has been a steward for all of us against devastating legislation, such as Cap and Trade.

Our U.S. senators should follow Commissioner Kalk's lead by standing strong against Cap and Trade in the Congressional session now, and after the November election.

Jessica Unruh, Beulah