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Letter: Commissioner Kalk represents best of America

You can always tell when the Democrats are in trouble. They trot out the same group of letter signers and recycle their old attack letters.

This time the desperation attacks are against Dr. Brian Kalk, Public Service commissioner, and North Dakota's booming energy industry.

Isn't it funny that these rants and raves are not also aimed at Congressman Pomeroy, who voted against the Cap and Trade legislation in the U.S. House? It is obvious this has nothing to do with anything more than partisan politics. The D.C. politicians are furious that North Dakota refuses to roll over and accept the destruction of our energy sector. So, they unleash the hate machine and try to destroy anyone who stands up for our state.

North Dakota enjoys the lowest cost residential electricity in the nation, the lowest unemployment, a budget surplus (unlike the other states), the cleanest air and an economy that actually works.

Like the overwhelming majority of North Dakotans, I trust Kalk and I trust the energy policies our state has put in place. Dr. Kalk spent his adult life defending our nation, as a U.S. Marine, and now as our Public Service commissioner, defending North Dakota from those who would destroy our way of life.

The Obama/Pelosi/Gore/Reid energy agenda is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans and North Dakotans. Their agenda is dying and, after November, it will be history.

I have a piece of advice for those who are desperately trying to defend the D.C. crowd. When you decide to attack someone, it is not a good idea to attack a retired U.S. Marine veteran of two wars, like Kalk, who represents the best of America.

Frank Klein, Dickinson